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Learning How To Astral Project

We are all born with the ability to astral project. Practice is the only reason some astral project and some do not. It is an ancient art and has been practiced for centuries deserving the same respect as yoga or meditation. Astral projection is known by different names and types. There are many different techniques to achieve astral projection.

The first type of astral projecting that should be talked about is lucid dreaming. We all know what lucid dreaming is, it is when you are consciously dreaming. One form of this conscious dreaming is astral projecting. You can do this rather simply. What you need to do is when you are dreaming is realize that you are dreaming and say to yourself in the dream I am dreaming.

When you do this you will wake up within your dream and you will be free to do what you want in the dream. For beginners this can be too random a practice to successfully astral project.

You need to know that astral projection is real. You should also know that you have astral projected already, you simply were not aware that is what had happened. Have you ever woken up from a dream either in the middle of the night or in the morning and remembered a dream that you had the night before really well. As if you had lived it. That was an astral projection.

The key to success in astral projection is to believe you can do it. Any doubts or fears you have will only hold you back and make it harder for you to astral project.

Learning to relax and meditation is another helpful tool when learning to astral project. Your mind and body needs to be prepared to achieve astral projection. Meditation is a great preparation for the experience. Find a meditation you like and practice it.

All you have to do is get relaxed in your favorite chair at a time when you will have no distractions. Clear your head of everything that is flowing through it. Do not focus on any problems you are having. Center your thoughts on your breathing, breath slow and deep. Picture your problems and stresses flowing out with each breath. This is very effective in achieving the deep state of relaxation needed to astral project.

You then have to be reach an altered state of consciousness. You can simply continue to work on your breathing, your focus now is not going to be to get rid of the stresses, it is to truly focus on the way you are breathing, your head is clear. The breaths that you are taking should be deep, coming in through the nose and going out of the mouth. As your breathing is slowing and deepening you need to focus on your relaxing on your body.

Start with your toes, as they are the most remote part of your body. There are two ways to do this. You can simply tell each part of your body to relax or tense the muscles up first and then relax each part. Tell each part of your body to relax as you move up. Use the method that you are most comfortable with.

You will begin to feel heavy, as if all your energy and stress is going away as you relax each part of your body. You will notice when this happens. Once this occurs in your entire body, you are ready to move on to the next step in astral projection.

By now your mind and body are ready for sleep, you need to stay alert. To do this many practitioners recommend that you come up with a line that you can repeat to yourself such as I fly, I fly, I fly, you decide what you are going to say as there isnt a right or wrong thing.

The mind tends to get bored when it is not doing anything, which can mean that it will drift and find something else to focus on. You dont want that to happen. If the mind wanders then you need to quit the session. To help bring the mind back repeat your phrase.

Now, there are a couple of methods that can be employed to reach altered consciousness. You can use your repetitive statement to reach the altered state of consciousness. You can also use the body of light method, which is where you envision a body of light that you are going to see yourself transform into.

There are three feelings you are going to experience that will help you know that your astral body is going. First you are going to feel as though you are moving, then you are going to see lights and colors in front of your eyes (remember that your eyes are closed) this is simply the astral body moving into the astral world. Finally, you will hear voices that are going to be telling you to either stop what you are doing or encouraging you to continue. When you get to that third part you have successfully astral projected.

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Chakra Balancing – Enhance Your Overall Happiness And Wellbeing

Modern science goes about eliminating from the minds of various individuals the very existence and significance of the spiritual being that lies within the physical being.

The Hindu thoughts of life are dissimilar, since they encourage the burning flame of spiritual healing along with the advancement of modern science and technology.

Chakra means Wheel of Light in Sanskrit. There are seven primary chakras as well as many secondary chakras. All of these chakras are continually rotating and vibrating inside a healthy body.

Any type of imbalance in the movement of the chakras it may result in an overall state of imbalance that hinders the healthy functioning of a body. Achieving chakra balancing is imperative for encouraging a healthy spirit, mind and body.

Chakras are the centers of activity that receives, integrates and expresses life-force energy. They are the Entry Gates to the human Aura. They are located along the midline of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The seven main Chakras absorb and transmit energies back and forth into the universe, nature, celestial entities, and from other individuals.

What modifies Chakra Balancing?

When one or more chakras suffer a blockage, there is no harmonious flow of energy. Such blockages will cause the chakras to suffer imbalance and in turn, these imbalances will begin to make themselves known in various areas of our lives.

The harmonious functioning of the chakras become unbalanced for various reasons such as, illness, toxic exposure, stress, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise as well as childhood traumas, emotional injuries, an inability to express emotions, beliefs incongruent with Truth, cultural conditioning, and so on.

Chakra Balancing Secret to Happiness and Health

Natural, harmonious functioning of Chakras is an admirable but unpractical idea. Therefore, humans do attempt to correct this alteration and achieve a fine balance between these Chakras. The theory of self-healing has somewhat of a basis on Chakra balancing.

The condition of our chakras will influence our body shape, our thoughts and behaviors as well as our glandular processes and any recurring ailments we may suffer. Chakra balancing helps our body to work towards achieving a healthier mind, spirit and body.

Chakra Balancing Benefits include:

* Recognition of the True Self

* Physical health, energy and vitality

* Inner peace and complete happiness

* Being loving and compassionate

* Being Consciously in touch with your body

* Faster spiritual growth and development

* Sexually content life without the influence of lust

* Awareness of your feelings at the higher consciousness level

* Enhancing the ability to attract and express love in ones life

* Immeasurable levels of confidence, but without appearing over confident

* Spiritual healing through higher patterns of awareness, perception and recognition

How can you achieve Chakra Balancing?

When you attempt to achieve chakra balancing, you may choose from an assortment of methods and techniques. You may find some of these methods and techniques to be very beneficial when you are striving to achieve harmony within the proper functioning of the body and chakra system.

* Aromatherapy

* Use Touch Therapy

* Always Think Positively

* Actively Enjoying Physical exercise

* Color and Light Therapy

* The Use Of Gemstones and Crystals

* Binaural Sound Frequencies

* Reiki Healing Therapy

* Balancing using Pendulums and using Hands

* Self Hypnosis and Positive Affirmations

* Breathing Exercises used in Meditation and Yoga

Our body being a container of energy releases and disposes of any spent energy through the organs of our body and then replenishes itself with new supplies of energies.

Chakra balancing helps to ensure that new energy is generating and sends the energy to all the vital organs and cells of the body for its optimal use, while ensuring that all parts of the body shares in this supply of new energy.

Inner peace, health and happiness flow naturally while in this favorable state. Chakra balancing works by bringing the chakras back into the natural state of frequencies and vibrations.

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How To Choose A Band Hire

Now you have everything in place, well almost everything. The wedding date is scheduled; the wedding party is picked, but what about the music? Umm, where to begin? One of the things that will have to be decided is whether to do a band hire for your wedding or to go with a disc jockey that will spin the music for you and which one will work best for you.

The question that you will have to ask yourself is, what benefit is it to have a live band perform rather than a disc jockey? Now I am not sure how many live performances you have attended, but for those that you can recall the effects of a live entertainer over an special event can ignite the crowd in a way that is not present with most dj hosts. The personal effects of having that star appeal is undeniable.

That being said, the appeal stems from the interaction that the live entertainer will have with your guest. You will have someone who can actually draw your guest into their performance and the entertainer can also assist you in hosting other activities that you will probably want to have at your wedding. Such as the garter toss, the bride and groom first dance as a couple. The list could go on.

Now that you have made your decision to go with a live band. Where do you start? The first will probably be by asking some family members and friends you trust to give you a list of their favorite bands. This will help because you will have information from people that you know and who knows you as well as are aware of your style. Another avenue is to research your directory in the area or other venues that might be able to give you a list of performers they have booked at their events. Either way you will want to get a few good references.

When deciding to go with a live band you will have to consider the space where they will perform and the set up for their instruments and crew. A professional band will be able to assist you with what they will need to have accessible to them on that day so that everything is known upfront.

One of the initial items you will have to know ahead of time is what type of genre you are looking to have for your event. Are you looking for a particular style or do you prefer a variety of music selections to be played? Are you looking for a band host that is capable of monitoring the mood of the crowd and can follow the flow and know when to switch up if necessary? Did you have a theme in mind that you intend to follow?

Whichever the decision boils down to, make sure that you are able to sample their performance style prior to hiring. Usually this can be accomplished by visiting them during one of their performances and seeing firsthand how they operate on stage. Another option is to get a recording of their live performances which can also give you a good idea of what you are signing up for if that is the band of your choice.

When it all comes down to it, the day for a hiring a band, try to exercise as many resources that are available to you as much as possible. There are agencies available that can actually do a lot of the work for you. This will help free up more time for you to concentrate you attention in other areas on you special day.

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Happiness, Success And Law Of Attraction

Happiness and Law of Attraction in fact have a strong correlation with each other. If you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, no problem. It’s very easy to understand, actually. It’s quite similar to positive thinking, and basically embodies the idea that if you want a positive life, your thoughts must be positive, too. In turn, this can attract all things related to happiness and wealth into your life.

People have been practicing the law of attraction for decades because it really works. Beneficial thoughts and law of attraction go hand in hand. Probably you have noticed how people who seem to have it all are laid back and carefree. That is because they allow positive things to come into their lives by not blocking those possibilities with negative thoughts.

Your thoughts are made up of energies, which is also what you are. If you are thinking positive thoughts, then you are made up of positive energy and abundance in your life will follow.

They Law of Attraction is powered by happy thoughts. How do you do that? Begin to talk to yourself as though you are wonderful, confident, beautiful, wealthy — everything you’ve always wanted to be. Do this all day, every day, even if you don’t feel like it’s ‘true.’ These are positive affirmations, and they can help you fix any problems you might be having.

Some affirmations that you may find useful are, ‘The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful’, ‘I am beautiful and confident’, ‘I am a very friendly person, and people love me because I am love’, and ‘I have unlimited choices, opportunities are everywhere’ You can choose to use these throughout the day, every day.

Either way, it’s especially important to do this even when you don’t feel like it. If you become discouraged, frustrated, sad or angry, it’s even more important to focus on the positive. It’s truly important to address and dispense with negative beliefs and thought processes if you want a truly happy and fulfilling life.

You see, the mind is the only real limitation there is. What makes you think that you can’t live a life full of happiness and abundance? It has been done before, right? Don’t sit and dwell on the negative things in life.

Learn to ‘go with the flow.’ At any moment, you’ll see that positive energy is always flowing and you are its beneficiary, in one way or another.

Once you begin to realize that the Law of Attraction and happiness are so interrelated, you’ll also see that things will begin to come together in your life.

If you are feeling bad, then you are going to be motivated in a negative way. You might end up listening to a depressing song, watching a depressing movie, and calling up some of your negative friends. Eventually, people who are negative subconsciously build a life of negative circumstances without even realizing it.

The wonderful thing is that you can remove bad luck from your life by using positive affirmations and law of attraction techniques. The worst thing you can do is give up. Continue to reassure yourself that you are the happiest person alive and watch the opportunities come pouring in!

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Understanding The Potential Of Mind Power

Your mind is like a magnet, which is something you may not have known. Your mind will attract things that it sees and thinks. The law of attraction deals with this power of the mind. The law of attraction is about believing so strongly that something will happen that it does end up happening. This means that you can have the most amazing life if you just put your mind to it. It may take time, but with practice you can have what you want. Your mind is amazing and powerful.

We all have mind power that we just do not realize. In fact, research has proven that we only use about 10% of our brain power. What a waste! We seem to only stick to the simple things and bypass the rest. That could be why we seem to think life is nothing but trouble. That leads to negative thoughts because we do not think anything can happen. We think negative, so we draw negativity to ourselves. The truth is that by thinking this way we are just manifesting the negativity in our own life.

What happens in your life starts in your mind. What you have accomplished is a direct result of the power of your mind. You may have heard that every person has psychic ability or some type of extra sensory skills, but the truth is that is really the advanced power of the mind. Basically, if you want something in your life then all you need to do to get it is think it. If you expect nothing but bad things then that is what you will get.

If you want to increase your mind power then there are some things that you can do. Visualization is one of those things. Visualization is a powerful technique that allows you to exercise your mind power. It can help you to gain more power, too.

Sit down and start pushing images to your powerful subconscious mind. You can do this by writing things down. Keep them positive so that it is only positive things that you draw to your life. Start by thinking about how you want your life to be and then you can start this process.

Write things down like a story on a piece of paper. Use your goals to help your create your visions and guide you on what to write. Your goals should be the basis for your visualization. Write things down until what you write starts to become reality.

Another way to increase the amount of mind power that you have is by affirmations. Affirmations are nothing more than positive bits of encouragement that you give yourself throughout the day. It can be a positive amount of encouragement about anything. For example, you can increase your mind power by saying that you will lose those 10 pounds by the end of the month. Keep telling yourself those positive things, and everything will just naturally start to come to you. It doesn’t matter if you are not used to it at first, anything done consecutively for 28 days automatically becomes a habit.

Developing more mind power can also be done by brainwave entrainment. This is simply brainwave synchronization that involves the use of different frequencies through audio technology. Our brains have the natural ability to do several things. One of them consists of the power to heal itself. This can be turned on even more through this type of advanced audio technology. Other things consist of the ability to enhance memory and bring into effect our already existing psychic powers. Different frequencies can do a whole lot concerning mind power. This is a very advanced type of procedure, but it works wonders.

Hypnosis will also help to increase your mind power through relaxation and getting into your subconscious mind. A good example is how hypnosis works to help people quit smoking. During hypnosis the session takes the person into relaxing as they are told over and over about not smoking and how they want to not smoke anymore, that they are ready to quit and this makes it happen. Hypnosis led the person who didn’t believe in themselves to become sure that they could quit smoking.

So you see, everyone has mind power, it is just a matter of belief in one’s abilities. It may not happen overnight for everyone, but you can change your circumstances and turn your bad luck into good. You must learn to communicate your energies out into the universe and know that what you put out there will manifest itself back to you. But it all starts within the subconscious mind. How much mind power do you have?

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The Unbelievable Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever wished to become a millionaire? Or, perhaps you wish to discover true love and happiness? Have you ever thought about looking into your subconscious mind for the answer? Yes, the human mind is a home to our greatest treasures and those that discover the ability to harness the power of the mind will learn there is nothing they cannot achieve.

Though some have dismissed those that believe in mind power as being gullible or easily manipulated, scientific study continues to show that what we think and believe can then become our reality.

There are scientists that have also documented that what we think and believe to be reality is little more than a manifestation of your subconscious mind. It goes to say that those able to tap into their minds are able to take control of their reality.

To venture into the success you want, you will need to modify how you think. That means you must clearly retrain your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a positive manner so you can develop more belief in yourself. Even nightly dreams and imagination can help reflect positive notions to help deliver what you truly desire.

The basics reasoning behind mind power is that we shape our realities through a cause and effect relationship. If you believe in the power of making suggestions to your subconscious mind and tell it what you want, you will get it. Otherwise, you will keep on drifting on just as you are.

In order to make mind power to work, it is important to focus on nourishing your subconscious mind. Performing daily positive affirmations are one of the best ways to quickly bring about the needed change in your thinking.

The employment of affirmations can help. This involves making very basic, simple statements in your mind throughout the day. This is done to eliminate a number of negative thoughts and sorrowful feelings. This will greatly aid in increasing your confidence and allow you to learn to trust the power of your mental thought process. Affirmations can center on any issue you are dealing with and it will give you the encouragement to lose weight, eliminate an addiction, or chanting that you will find true love.

However, you must not limit yourself to just thinking about things as you will need to visualize your dreams to make them come true.

When you close your eyes and look towards the results that you want, you can create effective results. When you see yourself losing 10lbs of weight or buying the home you always wanted, you may be able to craft the steps needed to make such things possible.

Bring these visualizations into your life, by getting creative. Write down what it feels like to accomplish this goal, make a scrapbook to encourage you. Fill it with pictures of the new car you want to buy or the dream wedding you want to afford.

Through changing the manner in which you see reality, you will shape your subconscious mind which means you may be able to unlock supernatural talents. Psychics that are able to see into the future or past, those with telekinesis, and those with supernatural abilities are not born with a talent others do not have. Instead, they have just learned how to use their full potential and unlock all talents hidden away in the subconscious mind.

Through the positive power of the mind, it is possible to become the director of your own life instead of being a passive player. The subconscious mind can even deliver the secret to living a very healthy life. Many of our physical ailments can actually start in the brain. Brainwave synchronization or audios that tune into the specific frequencies of the brain can aid in improving self-esteem and the potential to think positively.

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