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BluPointe Partner-driven, Brandable Backup and Disaster Recovery Announces No-deposit, No-contract and No Long-term Commitment for Resellers of Its Cloud Technology

BluPointe DRS owner Ron Roberts this week announced the decision to make BluPointe’s state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery technology more available by dropping requirements for contracts, deposits or long-term commitments for resellers. The decision comes after a disaster-filled 2013 brought serious weather events that caught many businesses off guard without dependable cloud or air backup strategies in place.

Record cold temperatures across the Northern United States and Canada contributed to the many causes of data loss for businesses without dependable backup and disaster recovery technology in place. According to Roberts, many businesses that experience catastrophic data loss are forced to close.

“Scientists believe that dangerous weather events will continue to wreak havoc in 2014 and beyond, which means anyone who has avoided getting a cloud based backup plan and disaster recovery solution in place is playing Russian roulette with their data,” Roberts says. “We believe so strongly in our BluPointe cloud backup and disaster recovery products, we have decided to make it easy and affordable for our resellers to offer BluPointe products to their customers.

“It’s a win-win for all our partners.”

BluPointe offers a variety of onsite and remote backup products exclusive to BluPointe resellers, service providers and backup partners.

“BluPointe data backup and recovery solutions offer total protection for servers so your data can survive in any conditions and your doors can remain open for business,” Roberts says. “BluPointe can perform local image backup and recovery from USB, NAS, BDR devices or a physical server (using similar or dissimilar hardware.) and we do it through our extensive reseller partners.”

For more information about BluPointe and its TruBareMetal™ and data backup products, visit the BluPointe website or call 404.252-7626. To find out more about Blupointe channel partners, managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers, Blupointe Cloud-based backup, or to become a BluPointe Cloud provider, Email reseller(at)blupointe(dot)com.

About BluPointe:

BluPointe offers complete network-based data protection software for the cloud and remote office/branch office (ROBO) marketplace. BluPointe data protection provides companies and their customers with a complete data protection solution, coupling advanced features like easy installation, powerful administration, and scalability. The result is cost/effective data protection. As part of its corporate mission, BluPointe strives to be the leading provider of cloud-based ROBO backup and TruBareMetal ™ software for the global marketplace.

BluPointe’s cloud backup and data recovery technology provides data protection for PCs, Macs, servers and databases as private label technology through BluPointe’s private label partner program.

For more information about BluPointe and its TruBareMetal ™ and Data Backup products, visit the BluPointe website or call 404.252.7626. To find out more about Blupointe channel partners, managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers, Blupointe cloud-based backup, or to become a BluPointe provider, email reseller(at)blupointe(dot)com.

To find out more about BluPointe channel partners, managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers, BluPointe cloud-based backup, or to become a BluPointe provider, email reseller(at)blupointe(dot)com.

Announcing 303 Technology as a Leading-Edge, Software-Defined Solutions Provider

VSS Holdings, LLC announces 303 Technology, LLC as a new software-defined technology solutions provider. 303 Technology combines advanced Information Technology solutions with experience-driven knowledge and best practices. Partnered with industry leaders, VMware, Cisco, EMC, VCE and Avnet; 303 Technology enables clients to implement leading-edge software-defined solutions focused on storage and availability, compute virtualization, network security and cloud.

303 Technology is owned and operated by VSS Holdings, a leading technology solution provider with a 24-year history as a Value-Added Reseller in Information Technology. This relationship offers 303 Technology unprecedented access to technology-specific expertise in infrastructure optimization, enterprise mobility and business analytics.

“303 Technology empowers clients to reach their maximum potential by providing the world’s most trusted solutions with a team of the most experienced solution architects in the industry,” said Steve Munn, President of 303 Technology.

“303 Technology is the next step in the long-term investment strategy for VSS Holdings in building a family of technology companies with leadership, skills and capabilities dedicated to specific solutions and manufacturers,” said David Traxler, President and CEO of VSS Holdings. “Steve Munn, formerly with VSS, EMC and VCE, brings deep heritage and experience to 303 Technology having previously served as an engineer, architect, sales executive and manager.”

“VSS Holdings and its subsidiary 303 Technology are strategic partners with Avnet,” said Denny O’Connell, Senior Vice President, Converged and Data Solutions for Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “Avnet looks forward to working with 303 Technology to deliver the next wave of technology innovation to the market.”

About 303 Technology
Providing solutions and services from the desktop to the data center to the cloud, 303 Technology enables clients to operate with leading-edge software-defined solutions focused on storage and availability, compute virtualization, network security and cloud. Connect with 303 Technology on Twitter (@think303), LinkedIn or Facebook. For more information, visit or call 800.303.3376.

About VSS Holdings
VSS Holdings is a $100M nationally recognized solution provider that owns and operates four (4) distinctive technology companies: VSS, LOGIC Solutions Group, Information Insights and 303 Technology. VSS Holdings has certified teams of sales and technical professionals who have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to help clients develop and implement the right solutions to solve their business needs. This strategic group of companies will continue to build a nationwide consulting, sales and services organization that provides best-of-breed technologies from across the full spectrum of information technology, including hardware, software, storage, networking and security.

AppZero Signs Channel Partner Agreement with Dot Net Solutions

AppZero, the fastest, most flexible way to move server applications, announced today it has signed a channel partnership agreement with Dot Net Solutions, one of the UK’s top Microsoft Cloud partners. The agreement is part of a worldwide channel strategy implemented by AppZero to ensure comprehensive global coverage of its award-winning application migration software in the run-up to Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) end of support. Microsoft recommends AppZero Enterprise for application migration for various applications from Windows Server 2003 to either Windows Server 2012 or Windows Azure.

“The challenge in choosing the right partner is finding one with the knowledge and industry expertise to migrate applications with as little disruption to the business as possible—Dot Net met that criterion and more,” said AppZero CEO, Greg O’Connor. “Their industry expertise, combined with their consulting services makes Dot Net a highly valued member of the AppZero team.”

Also joining the AppZero Partner Program are:

  • Infront Consulting, a global IT consulting firm with offices in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Singapore;
  • KMD, one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies; and
  • Blue Turtle, a leading South African enterprise technology management company.

The partnership with Dot Net will continue to increase AppZero’s global presence, as the July 14, 2015 deadline for the end of support for WS2003 approaches. Enterprises around the world are gearing up to move their Windows production applications onto newer operating systems and/or to the Cloud in order to remain compliant and ensure they are running their applications on a supported platform. AppZero is the only product on the market that can “up-level” Windows server applications onto newer operating systems.

“Dot Net’s partnership with AppZero delivers a vital component to the mix – the ability to migrate legacy applications on older operating systems, to modern alternatives which can run in the Public Cloud. It forms an integral part of our Cloud Managed Platform and we are delighted to announce the partnership between the businesses today,” said Dan Scarfe, Founder of Dot Net.

About AppZero
AppZero is the fastest and most flexible way to migrate server applications to and across any cloud or datacenter, without re-engineering, re-installation or lock-in. Encapsulating Windows applications in VM/OS-free packages, AppZero’s patented software makes complex server applications moveable with ease. For more information, visit and follow us on twitter @AppZero_Inc.

About Dot Net Solutions
For the past five years, Dot Net has focused purely on Cloud; offering Infrastructure and Application Development solutions. They have created a complete solution to help organisations embrace public and private Cloud. Dot Net’s Cloud Managed Platform is a collection of tooling and processes that facilitate organisations adoption and migration to System Center, Windows Azure and Office 365. Their managed services platform then delivers management and support on top of this to produce a complete end-to-end solution. For more information, visit

DDoS Protection Brought to the East Coast by is expanding its superior anti DDoS solutions to the Eastern U.S., bringing its powerful and unrivaled DDoS mitigation services to Washington D.C. and beyond. After operating in Europe for nearly a year and providing top tier protection against any type of attack for websites, game servers, mail servers, Bitcoin mining pools, and more, has decided to place a second PoP on the east coast. And with new threats like NTP-based rDDoS and compromised Kloxo installs, DDoS protection is now more crucial than ever.

Because of the increase in frequency and severity of DDoS attacks in recent years, anti DDoS solutions and DDoS protection have become a crucial component to successfully operating any online service. DDoS attacks are highly damaging and can effectively bring a service to a complete halt, causing downtime and compromising security. Despite the unpredictability and danger of potential DDoS attacks, most hosting providers are unable to protect against or mitigate damage in the case of such an attack.

With anti DDoS solutions from, you can stay with your hosting provider and protect your server remotely without transferring any data. DDoS mitigation in a facility takes place using state-of-the-art hardware from RioRey running custom software. The new proxy systems are housed inside an Equinix facility and a generous 100Gbps of upstream bandwidth is dedicated to mitigating DDoS attacks. With competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and the most know-how,’s anti DDoS solutions come with instant setup and can even protect against new types of DDoS attacks just being discovered in 2014.

Looking to provide the lowest latency and highest performance possible to our U.S. customers, we know that keeping our networks located closer to our customers and their visitors allows us to provide the best and fastest protection possible. The east coast is an excellent connectivity point for both the U.S. and Europe, making it ideal for services or websites that target both.

Who wouldn’t love to combine the amazing customer service and spectacular server security of an expensive DDoS mitigation service with the cost of a bargain service? started as a response to this dilemma—paying less for DDoS protection has often meant sacrificing reliability. Going with a cheap provider often meant more and more downtime, which is exactly what anti DDoS solutions are meant to prevent. Filling in the gap, is cost-effective, affordable, and dependable with an exceptional 99.9% uptime across all of its services and a network that is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. only employs specialists with years of experience and extensive knowledge of networking and UNIX systems, in order to ensure that any and all issues can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. With servers in the USA and Europe to provide the lowest latency and highest performance, we ensure the highest level of performance and service combined to ensure customer satisfaction. Protect your server or website against all kinds of DDoS attacks from UDP and TCP floods to HTTP attacks and enjoy the natural speed and optimization that DDoS protection brings with it with

SingleHop Updates LEAP3 Client Portal, Partners with TeleProviders

cloudstock1Cloud host SingleHop has made a few announcements this week, including a partnership with communications and technology consulting and co-sourcing firm TeleProviders, and a new commitment to its customers that it is calling SingleHop Advantage.

The SingleHop Advantage isn’t a new set of services, but rather seems to be a new marketing approach for the web hosting provider.  As part of the SingleHop Advantage, the company vows to offer more choice, automation, and a guarantee of premium service to its customers. The SLA, what SingleHop calls its customers’ Bill of Rights, remains the same.

As for the partnership, the agreement will see TeleProviders offering SingleHop cloud services to its customers as part of its broad technology services portfolio.

Also this week, SingleHop introduced several cloud updates through a new release, including features such as Snapshot Manager for Public Cloud in LEAP3, Localized Cascade Images, and significant speed increases in LEAP3.

“From a product and services perspective, SingleHop has moved in lock step with the market. SingleHop’s solutions can ‘scale up’ and ‘scale out.’ Clients have the ability to dynamically (increase) storage, RAM and CPUs as needed. Coupled with a solid architecture, which includes VMware and Cisco, SingleHop is a strong choice for our clients cloud workloads,” TeleProviders director of converged cloud and data Jo Peterson said.

TeleProviders is a growing firm with a range of established partners whose services they sell to clients as a value-added broker. Those partners include Verizon, CenturyLink, Savvis, and Rackspace.

The partnership comes less than three months after SingleHop appointed Jordan Jacobs to VP of products.

SingleHop updated its bare metal dedicated servers recently to improve performance.