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Should You See The Film Paranormal Activity?

“Paranormal Activity” is a movie that has recently been picked up by Paramount Pictures. This movie was originally an independent film that found many fans at Screamfest. Almost two years later the film is coming out again, this time with a different ending.

Rumor has it that Steven Spielberg enjoyed this movie and even helped shape its ultimate ending.

The movie is based around Katie and Micah. Katie and Micah are deeply in love with each other, even though they have some slight relationship porblems.

The couple relocates to a home in San Diego which they start to think could be haunted. As time passes, Katie explains her belief in the occult, and suggests that a poltergeist has shadowed her for many years. She even intimates that the ghost may have played a role in her sister’s demise.

This idea does not seem realistic to Micah, so he devises a plan to get to the bottom of the occurences. With the help of his video camera he begins to record the home at night.

When Micah actually gets some very unsettling evidence on tape, he becomes convinced that there is a dark force present and increasingly antagonizes the ghost.

The couple eventually meets with a specialist in paranormal phenomenon, but obtain few insights. The specialist abruptly ends the consultation, asserting that he does not have the skill or ability necessary to handle this type of ghost.

Micah becomes more and more taunting with the ghost, at one point even placing a Ouija board in the room in an effort to open communications with the malevolent forces. Things continue to escalate until an abrupt and haunting climax.

This is a very strong effort, albeit in a minor key, and shows how economical you can be with a story line and still keep the audience riveted for ninety minutes.

On the whole, Paranormal Activity is a tremendously enjoyable, often terrifying ride. Anyone who enjoys subjecting themselves to fright by film should give it a try.

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