UK2 Partners with Start-Up Loans to Offer Free Hosting to New Businesses

usdollarsBritish web host UK2 and not-for-profit Start-Up Loans are partnering to offer free web hosting to new businesses. Any company receiving funding from Start-Up Loans is eligible for the free service, and then for 50 percent off a 2 year hosting package through UK2 when the 6 months are over.

Start-Up Loans is a UK government initiative which concluded its pilot period in March 2013, and has provided over £73 million ($121 million USD) in funding to over 14,000 companies.

“We’re pleased to partner with UK2 as the majority of our start-ups have a website or are in the process of building one,” Elliot Gold from Start-Up Loans said. “Having complementary web hosting for the first six months, then a discounted rate thereafter will mean that their budget will go that bit further.”

Not only does the partnership lower cost for new ventures which tend to be challenged by overhead costs, it gives UK2 a privileged position with start-ups. By the time the discount plan runs out, UK2 will have had two and a half years to prove their merits to those companies still operating.

The SMB cloud market is expected to reach $95 billion by 2015, and GoDaddy has specifically focused on sole proprietorships and start-ups to grow its already-huge business stateside.

In addition to benfiting UK2’s relationship with its home market’s small businesses, the partnership may also benefit UK2’s branding and public relations.

“Partnering with Start Up Loans is a perfect match as it provides something each recipient needs and offers us the opportunity to give back,” Sara Cunha-Rego, the marketing director for UK2 said.

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