The Potential in a Penny

stock picksMost of us believe that putting your money to work for you in the stock market requires a good deal of start-up capital and the ability to assume the risks that come with the territory. The majority would be surprised to learn that even the most shallow-pocketed individual can take a crack at it with penny stocks. Also known as micro-cap stocks, they make up a market all their own and can be had for mere pennies per share. Sure, most micro-cap stocks never even come into the vicinity of a dollar but for the ones that do, $1 is often a milestone easily passed on the way to a much more profitable number. In other words, the ones that make it REALLY make it


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Patience, insightfulness and trusting in your instincts are all helpful traits for the successful penny stock investor, and all can be developed. Most fledgling stock buyers, however, become disillusioned long before that development occurs and therefore getting off on the right foot is key. You want to be directed to stock picks that look promising to those who know what a promising stock looks like. Penny Report’s hot list is frequently updated and includes the per-share price as well as a company overview and trading review that spells out the reason for the optimism they have for the stock. It’s no surprise that many who have had success with these types of investments continue to make their stock picks based on the savvy shared daily at


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