Skills And Personal Qualities Required For Undertakers

Arranging and organising activities related to funerals are generally left in charge of undertakers, who are also known as funeral directors. Mentioned below are a few of the important skills and qualifications that undertakers should possess to succeed in their profession.

Undertakers’ or funeral directors’ task is to make preparations for funeral ceremonies and other related needs and requirements. Some of the essential skills and abilities that are required by people who are in this profession are mentioned below.

Since an undertaker may be needed at any time of day or night, the person venturing into this profession must be willing to be on call for 24 hours. He must be prepared to spend a lot of time outdoors because of the nature of the job.

An undertaker should be a good communicator and a good listener. He must be able to manage and interact with people of all ages and people having various social and cultural backgrounds. He must be compassionate and should understand others’ feelings. As an undertaker, he is also expected to comfort the family in their moment of grief, and he must not allow distress or grief to cloud his abilities.

Although the task is by nature serious and distressful, the undertakers should impart an aura of serenity to the funeral service instead of more sorrow or unhappiness through their demeanour.

Knowledge of various religious customs, rituals and beliefs and profound respect for these greatly helps undertakers in succeeding in their profession. As different people follow various funeral customs and methods, it is better to have knowledge of these.

A good undertaker will naturally possess good organizational skills and managerial abilities. Many services will need to be arranged by the undertaker and this will require good coordination and management skills from the undertaker.

An undertaker should be proficient in legal matters and must know the legal formalities to be followed, or the formal approvals needed from the State authorities before organizing funeral ceremonies. The essential regulations and formalities to be followed to get a death certificate or to make insurance claims should also be known to him.

Finally, he must necessarily be able to and be eligible to drive vehicles such as hearses and limousines during the funeral service.

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