DDoS Protection Brought to the East Coast by r00t-Services.net

bigdatar00t-Services.net is expanding its superior anti DDoS solutions to the Eastern U.S., bringing its powerful and unrivaled DDoS mitigation services to Washington D.C. and beyond. After operating in Europe for nearly a year and providing top tier protection against any type of attack for websites, game servers, mail servers, Bitcoin mining pools, and more, r00t-Services.net has decided to place a second PoP on the east coast. And with new threats like NTP-based rDDoS and compromised Kloxo installs, DDoS protection is now more crucial than ever.

Because of the increase in frequency and severity of DDoS attacks in recent years, anti DDoS solutions and DDoS protection have become a crucial component to successfully operating any online service. DDoS attacks are highly damaging and can effectively bring a service to a complete halt, causing downtime and compromising security. Despite the unpredictability and danger of potential DDoS attacks, most hosting providers are unable to protect against or mitigate damage in the case of such an attack.

With anti DDoS solutions from r00t-Services.net, you can stay with your hosting provider and protect your server remotely without transferring any data. DDoS mitigation in a r00t-Services.net facility takes place using state-of-the-art hardware from RioRey running custom software. The new proxy systems are housed inside an Equinix facility and a generous 100Gbps of upstream bandwidth is dedicated to mitigating DDoS attacks. With competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and the most know-how, r00t-Services.net’s anti DDoS solutions come with instant setup and can even protect against new types of DDoS attacks just being discovered in 2014.

Looking to provide the lowest latency and highest performance possible to our U.S. customers, we know that keeping our networks located closer to our customers and their visitors allows us to provide the best and fastest protection possible. The east coast is an excellent connectivity point for both the U.S. and Europe, making it ideal for services or websites that target both.

Who wouldn’t love to combine the amazing customer service and spectacular server security of an expensive DDoS mitigation service with the cost of a bargain service? r00t-Services.net started as a response to this dilemma—paying less for DDoS protection has often meant sacrificing reliability. Going with a cheap provider often meant more and more downtime, which is exactly what anti DDoS solutions are meant to prevent. Filling in the gap, r00t-Services.net is cost-effective, affordable, and dependable with an exceptional 99.9% uptime across all of its services and a network that is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

r00t-Services.net only employs specialists with years of experience and extensive knowledge of networking and UNIX systems, in order to ensure that any and all issues can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. With servers in the USA and Europe to provide the lowest latency and highest performance, we ensure the highest level of performance and service combined to ensure customer satisfaction. Protect your server or website against all kinds of DDoS attacks from UDP and TCP floods to HTTP attacks and enjoy the natural speed and optimization that DDoS protection brings with it with r00t-Services.net.

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