A Very Complete Review Of The Movie Fresh

Boaz Yakin is typically seen as a work-for-hire writer and director. It’s not his fault, he’s just a good writer with bills to pay, so he takes a lot of sub-par studio projects that don’t really offer him anything interesting to do in the script. So it’s weird that a movie like Fresh comes from someone with a track record for mediocrity, but Fresh really is one of the all time must see movie downloads.

This movie came after Boaz Yakin’s self imposed exile. At a certain point, he became disillusioned with the film industry and declared that he would be taking a hiatus from writing, at least until he felt he had something important to say. The result was a movie that truly does make a powerful statement.

The movie is named for the titular hero, Fresh, a young boy who works as a drug mule for various dealers around town. Two of which are at war with one another. So how does he keep his head above water when he would certainly be killed if one boss found out about the other? Well the twenty to fifty dollars he makes per run, he hides it in a coffee can by the railroad tracks and… After a couple years of running drugs every day for twenty to fifty bucks a run… That adds up, and the things you can do with that money if you’re smart…

Each week, Fresh spends one afternoon playing chess with his father who offers him guidance and a moment to reflect upon what’s going on in his life. These are sort of the Greek chorus scenes of the film, allowing both Fresh and the audience to consider what has happened before and where the movie is going to go from here. The chess also serves as a metaphor for what Fresh is doing while on the clock.

The movie is sort of like Fistful of Dollars as a hood story. Two of Fresh’s friends are killed by one of the dealers he works for, and he takes it upon himself to exact an incredible revenge plan that gives you one surprise after another. Fresh is a young man of incredible intelligence, and his scheme is one of the all time greatest plots in film history.

Fresh’s scheme to take the badguys down is really incredible, serving as a fascinating parallel to the chess games he plays with his father. The master stroke of his plan is that none of his opponents suspect him of a thing, as he is, after all, just a kid. He essentially manages to play dumb and innocent, while in fact outsmarting everyone around him.

The tightrope he walks to work the scheme is suspenseful, dangerous, frightening, knowing that at any moment, they could catch on to him and put him under the ground.

The movie is really unlike any other. We’ve seen movies where the hero schemes their way out of trouble, rather than fighting or using guns, but rarely do we see a movie where that hero is a ten year old boy, rarely do we see a film with a child hero in a violent situation without being a fantasy family film like Home Alone. Fresh is real, raw, frightening, and fascinating.

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