DDoS Hosting Solutions Increases its DDoS Protection Capabilities

DDoS Hosting Solutions, a leading provider of DDoS protected web hosting services, has announced a complete overhaul on their services.

With a complete overhaul, DDHS is now offering DDoS protected services for a lower and more affordable price. All services across the board were subject to decreases in prices including shared hosting and virtual server plans as well as dedicated servers and their DDHS Guard.

“DDoS attacks are an increasing threat to online services that are not going anywhere, anytime soon. DDoS protection is quickly becoming a vital necessity to maintain an online presence in today’s market,” said Kevin, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “The biggest problem with DDoS protection is the high costs. It is very difficult for small businesses to afford adequate DDoS protected solutions to keep their services online. We strive ourselves at DDHS to create the most efficient and affordable DDoS protected solutions that can suite everyone’s needs.”

DDoS Hosting Solutions’ has a whole new line of premium dedicated servers with DDoS protection up to 20 Gbps. The dedicated servers are deployed quickly and are easily setup with prices starting at $59 per month. They are also fully customizable with affordable hardware and software add-on’s. Customers will also have two new locations to choose from: New York and Amsterdam in addition to California.

DDHS Guard also received a major price reduction and increase in DDoS protection capabilities. DDHS Guard can be deployed remotely via GRE tunnel or reverse proxy. Prices for DDHS Guard packages are starting at $249 per month. DDoS Hosting Solutions also added new regions to where DDHS Guard can be deployed from. These regions include California, New York, and Amsterdam.

“We are very pleased to bring DDHS Guard to new locations in New York and Amsterdam. DDHS is always working to create the most efficient and affordable DDoS protection in the industry. We pride ourselves on constantly developing our services as new threats emerge every day,” said Bob, co-owner of DDoS Hosting Solutions. “We have been in business since 2007 and our expertise and extensive knowledge aid us in providing the best solutions for clients.”

DDoS attacks are increasing becoming a problem for everyone who has an online web presence. Since 2007, DDoS Hosting Solutions has been giving owners of forums, blogs, and personal and business websites peace of mind by preventing DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks can cause businesses to lose revenue which is why DDoS protection is a necessity especially since attacks are now more common than they have ever been.