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Supernsetips State That-Long Term Investor Need Not To Terrorize Off About Penny Stock

Over the last few decades, small scale stocks called “penny stocks” have slowly won a spoil reputation. While there are hundreds of fly by night companies and shell companies that many unscrupulous business people have used to make money off of the uninitiated, there are thousands of great, small companies that qualify under the recording label “penny stocks”.

The current term “penny stock” usually refers any publicly traded stock that is currently trading under $5 per share. A bulk of these is traded either on the OTC Bulletin Board, Nasdaq or the Pink Sheets. Most investors are familiar with NASDAQ. The Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet markets are “Over-The-Counter” (OTC) quote systems which brokers use to trade stocks between themselves and for their clients. The old term “Over-The-Counter” is just a traditional way of describing trading that is not done on a major exchange and is traded between individuals tied by telephone or computer networks.

There are three principal reasons why companies will be listed on these OTC markets:

1. The company is new or little and unable to get together the initial listing requirements of the Nasdaq or NYSE. In many cases, companies will decide to have their stock traded here as a way to advance to the larger markets later.

2. The company has been delisted from a major interchange. Sometimes, companies cannot meet the filing demands, run into financial trouble, or are near bankruptcy.

3. The company has determined that it is not worth the time, effort and expense to join a major exchange. One of the most familiar examples is Nestle. While it is listed overseas, Nestle has decided that it is not worth the expense to join an exchange like the NYSE.

As you can see from the last example, not being listed on a major exchange does not mean that a company traded OTC is any less worthy of your consideration. Several very large companies, including JDS Unit phase are considered “penny stocks”, but almost no one would call them small or fly-by-nigh. These little stocks tend to be more volatile than their bigger brothers. As they are smaller companies, the growth rates tend to be higher, and the stocks themselves tend to travel at a faster pace. In fact, for many years now, smaller stocks have out gained the larger companies in functioning. To take advantage of good companies in this arena, you will need information. As these stocks are not usually followed by more than a few research firms, and may not have the finances to hire an investor relations firm, information is key to finding these stocks before everyone else does. Prince Boris is one of the leading internet investment coaches and information gurus. He has helped thousands of investors across the entire globe with their investing conclusions. His success in plunking money-making penny and small cap stocks has created a loyal following who subscribe to his website.

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Currency/Stock Trading And Personal Finance

Stock market trading and personal finance is something that compliments each other very well. Many people do not trade the stock market themselves but most likely the money that’s in their retirement fund is being traded in the stock market.

Stock trading has been around for a while, and it has defined the lives of many people over the years. Many people have gained fortunes in stock trading, and many people have lost fortunes in stock trading.

I used to believe that I wanted to be a stock broker as my job. I would even watch Jim cramer and pretend that I was using my own money to trade stocks. I would watch the price movement of the stocks I bought from day to day to see if they had gone up or down. It was very exciting to me and I loved doing it. It’s thrilling to gamble your money away.

People who are making money in the stock market would argue that it’s not gambling, and I would agree with them, but to the general public it’s gambling. This is because the general public doesn’t have the knowledge needed to make good decisions on stock picks. It’s mostly just pick and guess for them.

In recent years, the currency trading market has become much more popular. A lot of traders of the stock market are switching over to forex trading for the many benefits that it has. Two of the benefits are much better commission rates, and the market is open 24 hours a day for over 5 days out of the week.

It’s not easy for someone with a day job to trade the stock market due to it’s hours, so the 24 houra day accessibility of the forex market makes it much easier to trade for those with day jobs. Forex traders realize that it’s much easier to trade forex than stocks.

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