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The Condition Of Pharmacist Jobs Today

People who embark on a Pharmacy career must undertake hours of study to master their craft. As a result, they are one of the most important parts of the medical profession. Pharmacist Jobs entail understanding all the complexities of mixing formulas, reading doctor’s prescriptions, and many other things connected with this very vital part of Pharmacy Jobs in today’s society.

New pharmacists to the field are not as prevalent as in previous years. The ones who have been on the job for a number of years are retiring and there is a concern about finding sufficient replacements, especially over the course of the next 10 years. Because of the many changes that have taken place in this arena, to some a Pharmacy Career is an option not often sought. However, for those with vision it could be the perfect option.

Some find Pharmacy Jobs are limiting in that the only thing required is dispensing of medication. A recent survey by the Pharmacy Manpower Project, Inc., however, revealed that the desire to focus on the care of individual patients, through drug counseling and administration of immunizations, is very strong. Despite the fact pharmacists are busier than ever and they might not have the additional time required to get to know their patients, the results in the actual numbers of people entering the field is telling.

A recent survey conducted by the Pharmacy Manpower Project Inc. Found that it has become more and more difficult for Medical Staffing Agencies to fill vacant positions for many reasons. It has been found that 46% of the pharmacists that are female prefer part-time positions, feeling that this allows them more time for other activities. Regarding the over 55 group, 10% are females and 40% are males, which indicates there will be more and more problems filling full-time pharmacist positions in the future.

Many pharmacies are now located in supermarkets, independent businesses, hospitals and other places. The pharmacists in these positions usually earn more money and work less hours. These are attractive positions in that these professionals can more or less choose their own hours and work days.

Today’s pharmacy situation has greatly changed from the home town pharmacist of years ago. They no longer know everyone who comes in and chats about local situations, or collects the money when the prescription is filled. Non-pharmacy technicians are now hired to do everything but fill the prescription which allows the pharmacist to just concentrate on their work.

Another change in the field is technology. Over 60% of the survey respondents indicated that new equipment has improved efficiency and saved a significant amount of time which allows them to vary individual work schedules. The automatic refill phone system, medication counters for non-prescription drugs, and bar coding system have all proven to improve quality of care, productivity, and job satisfaction for those who have selected a Pharmacy career.

Many select Pharmacist Jobs because they are helping others while earning a good salary. According to the survey, 77% indicated their job satisfaction was very high, which is unusual to find in any industry. Additionally, with the shortage currently being experienced, finding a job would be easier than ever. For those researching career options, a pharmacy career is well worth investigating.

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