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Dealing With Next-generation Cyber Security Threats

Data breach incidents, transaction frauds and other cyber crimes have been on the rise in the recent years. This in turn has increased the need for secure identification and authentication methods. Threats to customers’ private/confidential data and cyber warfare have now become quite common. Hence, to keep a check on these threats as well as to ensure business sustenance and growth, companies have to implement precautionary measures.

In today’s organizational set-up, the most important functions are carried out using computers. And this necessitates a reliable, flexible, easy-to-use, secure system. Therefore, companies make use of several tools and techniques. These techniques however are often not successful in tackling security issues. What organizations require today is a new approach to handle security related issues- a policy framework for effective compliance management and IT security.

Here are some areas where your company may go wrong when it comes to security related issues:

No IT security policy

Cyber threats often being attributed only to computers, while mobile devices, internet usage and IMs are ignored

Lack of awareness among employees

Lack of a backup strategy in preventing data losses and insuring against business discontinuities.

Absence of expert guidance

Cyber security threats are very difficult to deal with, especially when organizations are not equipped with proper vulnerability and compliance management procedures. So what can enterprises do to equip themselves to deal with next generation security threats?

Here are some preventive measures, which can help companies to effectively deal with cyber security problems:

1. Frame a well-defined security policy that can ensure that your company’s information assets are well-protected.

2. Restrict usage of Smartphone and other mobile devices which can pose a threat to your data security

3. Create an awareness among employees about the importance of maintaining data confidentiality

4. Keep hackers at bay by setting up a secure gateway for your system and make sure that access is limited with proper authentication procedures.

Along with these initiatives, organizations irrespective of the size should also ensure proper data backup. This is another major problem area, which organizations tend to often ignore. It is important to understand that information stored on the computer is not forever safe. Systems failure may occur in organizations causing massive data loss. Hence creating data backup from time-to-time is essential. And such backup data should be kept in secure storage devices free of threats.

As cybercrime continues to grow, companies have to adopt reliable, flexible, and affordable means of security for effective threat management, and to fulfill IT compliance requirements. Technology can make this happen.