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Eczema Known Types, Symptoms And Treatments

Eczema is a kind of dermatitis that affects the epidermis layer of skin. There are 10 kinds including contact dermatitis, atopic, seborrheic dermatitis, xerotic, iscoid, dyshidrosis, dermatitis herpetiformis, autoeczematization and neurodermatitis.

Autoeczematization is caused by infections and is only cured when the original infection is dealt with. Neurodermatitis offers a thickening and coloring of the skin caused by repeatedly rubbing and scratching. The treatment for both includes changing the behaviors to scratch and antihistamines.

Dermatitis herpetiformis creates a severe itch and symmetrical rashes on the back, knees, arms and legs that worsens at night. It is caused by celiac disease and can be treated with diet changes and treating the original disease.

Stasis dermatitis or venous eczema is due to bad circulation, and affects ankles of those persons over 50. Scaling red skin that darkens and itches are common symptoms. Found commonly as a precursor to leg ulcers, it is treated with reducing swelling and helping circulation.

Discoid is also called exudative and has symptoms of round oozing spots or dry rash with very defined boundaries on the lower legs that becomes worse in the winter. There is no known cause, and it is uncurable as it comes and goes on its own.

Dyshirdrosis is found on the soles of the feet, sides of toes and fingers as well as on the palms of hands. Small vesicles or bumps, thickening of the skin and cracks on the skin along with itching that worsens in the evening are common. Known to get worse in the warmer weather, this condition is treated only with over the counter anti itch medications.

Seborrhic dermatitis is also called cradle cap in babies, and is related to dandruff. Symptoms are dry or greasy scalp peeling as well as on the face and eyebrows. This is considered a harmless condition with the exception of severe cases in infants where it causes thick yellow scalp rashes that are due to not enough biotin in the body, which is the cure.

Winter itch called xerotic offers dry skin cases the chance to become eczema. It gets worse in cold months and the torso and legs are affected the most often. Cause is related to ichthyosis and appears much like a dry river bed with no treatment available.

Contact dermatitis is both due to allergies or irritants, and curable by removing the irritant or item that the allergy is associated with. Atopic is an allergy that is hereditary associated with asthma that presents with itchy red areas on the body and is treated in the same manner as contact dermatitis.

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