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HSDD And Bioidentical Hormones

What is HSDD? Basically, it is hypoactive sexual desire disorder. And according to a recent study found in Arch Intern Med (2008 Jul 14;168(13):1441-9) HSDD rates are quite high. HSDD is defined by a drastic lack of sexual desire. Expert diagnosis should be obtained prior to seeking treatment.

In order for a lack of sexual desire to indicate HSDD the lack must be not only noticeable, but problematic. Problematic would indicate that it is causing distress in the relationship to the individual experiencing the HSDD or the sexual partner. Care needs to be taken when diagnosing HSDD due to the general nature of the symptoms and the fact that they can indicate a number of other physical/mental conditions.

Identifying the cause of HSDD can be difficult (sometimes impossible). The cause can vary greatly. Situations are all so different. It also depends upon the type of HSDD presenting. Different types of HSDD come with different typical symptoms. It can sometimes be caused by low testosterone or high prolactine or any of a number of psychiatric disorders or hormonal imbalances to name a few. In some cases the cause is never identified.

Sometimes a lull in the sex drive can be normal. Women experiencing such a time should consider how long it has lasted and if it has result in distress on their part or on the part of their sexual partner. If so…it could indicate HSDD.

The study outlined in Arch Intern Med indicated high rates of HSDD. It indicated HSDD rates are highest amongst menopausal women. It also indicated that rates are highest amongst surgically menopausal women. Women experiencing menopause naturally have noticeably lower rates of HSDD than those who are experiencing surgically induced menopause.

A study published in Menopause (2006 Jan-Feb;13(1):46-56) indicated that age isn’t a big factor for HSDD. HSDD can be found in females of all ages/reproductive stages. Young, surgically menopausal women are at the greatest risk for HSDD.

There are no pharmaceutical treatments available for HSDD. But bioidentical hormones treatment can offer effective reduction and/or elimination of the condition and symptoms. Eric Jantze of BioCosmetic Center said, “With proper diagnosis and monitored treatment women with HSDD can see a drastic improvement in their symptoms…sometimes they can experience a total elimination of their symptoms and feel ‘normal’ again.”

Risk factors for HSDD have been going up so it is important that individuals are aware of the condition so they can seek proper diagnosis and treatment. Accessing bioidentical hormones therapy is a positive move for most women with HSDD or suspicions of HSDD. Drastic relief can be found through proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sarah Gilbert writes for the Biocosmetic Center for clients in Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona. The Biocosmetic Center offers safe and effective liposuction, SlimLipo, dermal fillers, laser facials, laser hair removal, laser scar removal, and more.