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Benefits Of Sending Your Child To A Dance Camp

Dance, both as an art form and just a really fun activity, is currently experiencing resurgence like never before, due to the wild popularity of such TV shows as So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and Glee. If your kids are some of the many thousands who have shown a recent interest in the performing arts because of this type of programming, it may be time to pry them away from the TV screen and shuffle them off to dance camp. Whether or not you tell them all the hidden benefits – such as how wonderful this form of activity can be for their overall physical fitness — is entirely up to you.

Arts camps these days are not like the days of yore when parents would send their little bun-headed girls off to ballet school. Nowadays, students can choose from a variety of styles and disciplines, which both amps up the fun factor, and makes for more well-rounded dancers.
Performing is a great way for young people to learn self-esteem, as well as responsibility and teamwork. Many dance camps these days also teach kids all about what it takes to produce a show, so even if your little one has two left feet, he or she might still find a niche in showbiz.

Dance camps are like many other summer activity outings for children in that there are a wide variety of choices and styles out there to suit your and your child’s needs. You can find programs that offer dance-intensive curriculum, or that offer more diverse arts-based programs. In some camps, participants even recreate the moves from their favorite MTV videos, and perform in daily and weekly showcases.

There is so much variety in dance camps and the programs they offer that, if you do a little searching around, you are certain to find the one place that is right for your child — whether it be a day or overnight program – and one that fits into your budget, and welcomes participants at all skill levels.

One thing to keep in mind when you are searching (and a question that you will want to ask when you contact prospective programs) is the teacher-to-participant ratio. You want to make sure that your child gets a reasonable amount of individualized attention, which will help keep his or her concentration level up, and help toe the line between your child feeling properly challenged and losing interest.

So if your little hoofer is looking for a place to learn more than they thought possible about jazz or modern or hip hop steps, as well as to meet some great friends, dance camp may be the place for them.

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