electric-golf-trolleysThe appeal of spending a beautiful day engrossed in a great round of golf doesn’t diminish with age. In fact, the majority of us are very much aware that we’ll likely be getting towards the golden years by the time our short game is where we want it to be. Motocaddy is a manufacturer of electric golf trolleys, and golfers who prefer to walk out the course will be thrilled with one of them. All in all, it means the pep in your step will be as present on the back 9 as it was on the front.

The concept behind and electric golf trolley is quite simple, and long overdue if you ask any of the number of golfers who’ve been won over to them. A small and lightweight electric motor powers the cart and is easily operated from an adjustable speed handle. You’re free to make your way over any terrain or incline and your physical exertion is minimal. Each Motocaddy trolley comes with a compact battery that is easily removed and re-installed and can be easily charged in your home. Most manufacturers offer upgrade options on their models, including GPS, lithium batteries and multi-function digital control panels (the sweetest of which is a shot distance meter that can measure individual shot distances as well as total distance covered for the round).

Don’t for a minute have doubts about the durability of these electric golf trolleys either. The frames are strong and sturdy yet lightweight and the wheels are designed to provide many, many years of service before needing to be replaced. Nearly all are easily assembled and can be folded down for storage in the home or in the trunk of your car. What’s more, they’re fully resilient in the face of the elements as well. If you’ve been looking forward to that tee time all week and a little rain isn’t going to spoil your day, your Motocaddy golf trolley is up for the round if you are. is without a doubt the best spot to peruse the latest electric golf trolleys and see which one is best for you. Once you’ve made that choice and purchased your Motocaddy, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the next time you hit the links.